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SELLMYHOMEQUICK.COM has been in business in Arizona for more than 10 years. We have purchased more than 2,500 homes for cash from homeowners like yourself, and we want to buy yours, too!

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SELLMYHOMEQUICK.COM has purchased hundreds of homes for cash in Arizona, and we want to buy yours, too! There is no obligation, so get your free quote today!

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Questions we are commonly asked from homeowners who want to sell their home for CASH…

Q. As a homeowner, must we make home repairs to our home prior to selling?

A. NO. We purchase your home AS-IS. There is absolutely no need for home repairs.

Q.  Why sell our home to SELLMYHOMEQUICK.COM?

A. Our buying process is simple, hassle free, and allows you the comfort to close on YOUR time frame. Homeowners appreciate the convenience we provide compared to the traditional real estate process which typically takes 4-6 months. After speaking with you on the phone, the Acquisition Manager will schedule an appointment to visit you at the property to assess the AS-IS cash value that you will be paid. At that time, we can mutually determine the AS-IS cash value, so you can make an informed decision if our offer may be the right offer for you. Our buying process may not be the right fit for everyone, but most people find that the convenience we provide the seller as opposed to the traditional home sale makes selling to SELLMYHOMEQUICK.COM the correct option. Yes, it’s that simple!

Q. Traditional Sale vs. SELLMYHOMEQUICK.COM?

A. Typically, you can expect to pay about 10% of your home’s sale price in fees and expenses. This includes: Agent commission (6%), Seller concessions (1-2%), Repair costs (varies), Closing costs (1-3%), and Homeownership costs (1-4 months). When selling to SELLMYHOMEQUICK.COM, there are no fees or closing costs. 

Q. How do I know if you will purchase MY HOME for cash?

A. We are currently looking to purchase homes AS-IS in the Phoenix area. We also purchase homes in many cities throughout the state of Arizona as well.

Q. What determines the value of my home?

A. Repairs and renovations completed, property location, recent comparable home sales in the area, home size, year built, condition of the economy, as well as lending rates.

We Want to Buy Your Home AS-IS!

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Thrilled Customer Testimonials

Our moving out of state and the fact SELLMYHOMEQUICK.COM was able to close on OUR timeframe made our selling process simple! We appreciate the knowledge and superior customer service provided to us during this transaction. The best!

Jerry P.

I inherited my father’s home after he passed and didn’t want the hassle of putting it on the market. SellMyHomeQuick.com did just what they promised: a fair, all-cash offer!

Kim S.

I couldn’t believe how quick they took care of buying my house. It was done in less than 30 days, and the offer they gave me was better than I expected! 5 stars for sure!

John L.

SellMyHomeQuick.com was a God-send. I didn’t have to deal with any realtors, make any repairs, or change a thing! They did it all, quick and easily!

Ryan R.